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INÈS SECRET A true Bordeaux heritage from 1740
IMAGINE A world of tastes
J'adore A Selection of Sweetness
Capolavoro Masterpiece of Italy


Latest news from Wine Bridge

2019 CFDF all eyes on J'adore

Just a while ago, we introduced our Inès J’adore Collection at the most visited wine fair in China – 2019 CFDF in Chengdu. Its feminine design and features had caught the attention of many fair visitors, and our team was interviewed by local Chinese online wine show to share the brand story of our J’adore collection. In the coming months, you will be able to check out more of the collection. Follow us on our social media channels for latest updates.

Because you deserve it!
Inès J'adore Sweet Collection

Imagine after a long day of work, you come home and just pop a bottle of Inès J’adore Dolce to relax - 187ml, just enough- no pressure to finish the entire bottle by yourself! Get a little tipsy, and unwind a little. Enjoy this moment dedicated to yourself. Or better, bring J’adore to your next girl’s night. Happiness is real when shared. Inès J’adore Sweet collection comes in two flavors, Dolce and Moscato, for both red and white wine lovers we’ve got your back. By the way, they are bubbly deliciousness from the Piemonte region of Italy. Cancel your date, J’adore all the way ;)


Discovery to Delivery

Our Promises

Since 1979, we put our heart and our passion for wine into building wine brands that would provide unique and memorable experiences for our consumers. Our wines are now sold in many Asian markets and we have been awarded and earned acclaim from some of the world’s toughest wine critics, but what really makes us proud of our work is that our wines have become an integral part of people having a great time together.

01 Discovery

Our wine selection team consists of experienced winemakers from different parts of the world and each with their own specialties. In order to ensure quality and a style that is consistently excellent year after year.


Since its inception, WineBridge always aims to be at the forefront of innovation in the sector while also remaining faithful to its core beliefs and its highest quality standards. Our design and branding team is creating appealing products and brands that consumers can grow to love instantly.


WineBridge is powered by a team of people dedicating their everyday lives with strong passion to the millions of bottles delivered to people all over the world. It is in our core belief to work with people glocally.

Since the foundation of WineBridge, we have developed strong partnerships across oceans. Over 35 years of close collaboration with our partners, we have acquired extensive knowledge of the Asian wine market, and we never cease to take up challenges in the fast-paced wine market around the world.

Our History

Four Decades of Experience
1979 The Beginning

G. Brunting was one of the first pioneer to enter the Asian wine market, his experience and partnership had laid the foundation of WineBridge

2006 Starting with New World Wines

Seeing the growth in demand of new world wines, we expanded our portfolio of wines of Chile and Australia to provide more options to our partners

2011 A New Era, M.Brunting joined the company

After years learning alongside his father, Marc joined WineBridge

2013 Being Closer to our Partners

We opened our first overseas office in Hong Kong - WineBridge Limited

2014 Partnership With One of the Oldest Wine Family in France

With 22 prestigious châteaux in Bordeuax, HB joined forces with WineBridge

2015 Launch IMAGINE wine collection

Six wines, six countries in wine collection, travel around the world of wine with IMAGINE - Wines of the World

2016 Launch Inès Secret wine collection

The 10th generation from the oldest wine family, Inès traveled around the world with the ambition to discover true wine treasures, follow her journey and explore wines and their heritage

2017 Stay Glocal, opening our 2nd overseas office

WineBridge entered China as Fuzhou WineBridge (Fuzhou Qiaoyin), with goods in stock at local warehouses ready to deliver to our clients

2018 Launch Inès J’adore Collection

WineBridge introduced small bottle of bubbles- three ready to drink semi-sparkling wines from the region of Emilia-Romagna.

Team Introduction

We are WineBridge
Marc Brunting Managing Director Marc Brunting

Marc is the owner and managing director of WineBridge. After an impressive commercial career at Samsung it was a logical step to maintain the family business. His connections and relationships are the solid foundation for WineBridge today.

Syang Liu Business Manager Syang Liu

Syang constantly challenges himself by taking risks in life. Combining his strong background in luxury brand management and creative thinking, his sales and business development strategies have become one of the backbones of WineBridge.

Yuka Yeh Brand Manger Yuka Yeh

Yuka likes to surround herself with fine things in life, undoubtedly, that includes fine wine. She is the mastermind behind WineBridge’s brand development, and her ability to connect with our partners allows us to add more personal touch to the brands we deliver.

Kim Brunting Operations Manager Kim Brunting

Kim has been with WineBridge since the very beginning. Asides from maintaining smooth office operations in Amsterdam, she ensures streamlined cross-office communication and collaboration with our overseas branches.

Stanislas Boissarie Regional Wine Buyer Stanislas Boissarie

When Stan is not managing his own vineyards, he likes to bring people in the wine world together. As the lead regional buyer of WineBridge, he is constantly on the lookout for quality wines, and he knows how to meet our partners expectation in the wines they request.

Marijn Smit Marketing Manager Marijn Smit

Marijn is a creative powerhouse who’s worked at agencies and client side to take marketing and communication to the next level. He makes sure people hear about the good work we are doing with our partners, and he does it creatively.

Jianjiang Zhang Sales Manager China Jianjiang Zhang
Yuki Wang Communications Manager China Yuki Wang
Marielle Geurtsen Sales Executive Marielle Geurtsen
Jan Pieter Hofman Sales Executive Jan Pieter Hofman
Yolanda Tan Sales Executive Yolanda Tan
Sergio Zhao Brand Ambassador Sergio Zhao

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WineBridge B.V.
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The Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 2232 177


WineBridge Limited
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Hong Kong
Phone: +85 281 977 225


Fuzhou WineBridge International Trading Co., Ltd.
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Fujian, Peoples's Republic of China
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