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Where Great Brands are Born

WineBridge is a family-owned company. Since the foundation we focused on the Asian wine market.

Wine Production Highest Quality

We produce our wines at modern wineries in Europe, Australia, South-America and South-Africa. These wineries are equipped with the latest technology in wine making, bottling equipment and quality monitoring systems. We work according the highest quality and sustainability standards. Each harvest, our team of winemakers carefully select and blend wines according your criteria to meet the taste preference of the Asian consumer perfectly. Besides a comprehensive range of wines, we can also offer you Spirits and Beers.

Brand Creation Appealing Products

Our design and branding team is creating appealing products and brands that consumers like to buy. We know how to position precisely in main or niche markets by defining in partnership with our customer the marketing strategy, brand names, and product packaging. Asian consumers expect authentic and outstanding packaging to delight themselves, their family, friends and business relations. This is where WineBridge makes an important difference in the partnership with you.

Market Development Brand Ambassadors

The Asian market demands a different approach for marketing of wines towards consumers compared with Western markets. WineBridge knows how to make the difference with a dedicated approach we like to develop with our trade partners. We strongly believe in below-the-line activation, where we like to help you to convert your customers and consumers into brand ambassadors through tastings, presentations, wine dinners as well as Point-of-Sales materials.

+ Years of Experience

Regional Offices

+ Containers sold in 2017

Shops distributed

We are


Brand development 100%


Our Mission

WineBridge wants to be your partner and single point of contact to develop your wine portfolio. We want to help where we can with your wine selection and blending, design and marketing. We want to delight your customers with the best brand value and continuous innovation to consistently exceed your expectations. Therefor we source and work Globally, but we think and act Locally. We believe strongly in the personal contact with our customers to create true partnerships in co-making brands and develop drinks markets as partners together! On time, rapid response and heavily customer focused.

One Single Point

of Contact

  • Sourcing & Wine Selection
  • Entry Level & Premium Wines
  • Label and Packaging Design
  • Private Label, OEM and Branded Wines
  • Logistics & Transport
  • Marketing Promotion & Branding

About us

The Story

WineBridge is driven each day by four fundamental values: excellence, authenticity, conviviality and innovation.

We are WineBridge

Since the foundation of the company we have developed strong partnerships. Over the past 35 years of close collaboration with our customers, we have acquired extensive knowledge of the Asian wine market.

We select our wines with a professional tasting panel, using blind tasting and strict selection criteria including laboratory analysis. As a result, only the wines with the best price/quality ratios are being used to create attractive and long-term brands.

We source and work Globally, but we think and act Locally. We strongly believe in personal contact with our customers to create true partnerships in co-launching brands and develop drinks markets together!

“It gives me great pleasure to present our wines, all designed with one single purpose – to share with you our passion” Marc Brunting

Opening China Office

WineBridge Fuzhou was founded in 2017 to serve the Chinese market even better.

Associated Vintners

In 2016 WineBridge and European wineries entered in a strategic alliance with one approach for China. As a result, Associated Vintners became one of the most well-placed wine syndicates.

Expanding Portfolio: Beer

WineBridge entered into partnerships with 3 major breweries to introduce and market local and regional beers brand in China.

Partnership with Horeau-Beylot

Horeau-Beylot and WineBridge started to cooperate more closely together in the Asian market. Horeau-Beylot is one of the oldest Bordeaux wine families from 1740. They owns 20 prestigious Châteaux in the nest appellations of Saint- Émilion, Pomerol and Fronsac including 2 famous Grand Cru Classés properties.

Opening Hong Kong Office

To serve the Asian market even better, WineBridge Limited in Hong Kong was founded as the main hub to Asia.

Opening Amsterdam Office

WineBridge relocate from Brussels to Amsterdam, with the very best international infrastructure of Europe.

Starting New World Wines

The portfolio expanded with addition of wines from Chile and Australia.

WineBridge Established

The fast expanding business results in the founding of WineBridge, 100% dedicated to serving the Asian markets with European wines.

Entering the Asian Markets

Asian wine business is accelerating. Gerard Brunting established partnerships with Asian supermarkets and retailers that lasts until present…

The Beginning

Gerard Brunting was one of the first to pioneer in the Asian wine market, laying the solid base for WineBridge today.


Meet our team

At WineBridge, it's our people that make the difference

Marc Brunting

Managing Director

Kim Visser

Operations Manager

Syang Liu

Sales Manager China

Willem Siebelink

Business Development

Yuka Yeh

Brand Manager

Anke klein Gunnewiek

Product Manager

Stanislas Boissarie

Regional Wine Buyer

Yuki Wang

Communications Manager

Marijn Smit

Marketing Manager

Jiajian Zhang

Business Director Fuijan Province

Willing Su

Accountant China
Our wines

The Flagships

Our wines are widely celebrated for their diversity, history and craftsmanship. There is a perfect wine for every palate and occasion, whether it be wines for the cellar or those ready to enjoy today.

Inès Secret


Discover the Inès Secret wines from prestigious wine regions around the world. Take the journey and discover true wine treasures..

Read More



One Brand, Six Varietals
from all Different Sources. A wine selection of different regions around the world. A unique label representing the characteristics of their origins..

Read More



We love wine! And we love packagings! We want to make the most original wine packagings for the nicest wines. Just to celebrate and make a party out of every moment..

Read More
Our Signature

Brand Design

The best brand value and continuous innovation to consistently exceed your expectations.

Elegant Design


Expressive Design


Expressive Design


Elegant Design


Expressive Design


Expressive Design

Industrial Design

Classic Design

Industrial Design

Classic Design


Classic Design


Classic Design


Classic Design

Industrial design
Wine Selection
Label Design
Brand Name
Packaging Design
Marketing & Promotion


Find here the latest News and Events.


We love wine! And we love packagings! We want to make the most original wine packagings for the nicest wines. Just to celebrate and make a party out of every moment. We are determined to change the world of wine. To bring a smile on your face while drinking it. We want to show the world that life is fun and so we try to inspire you to always look at the bright side of the bottle. We believe that every moment in life should be one to celebrate. That is why we are creating different wine packagings for all special moments. That’s what we do: Contenti Wines!

IMAGINE : The new international wine brand

A new international brand: IMAGINE was launched. It provides consumers a combination of selected wines from France, Italy, Spain as well as South Africa and Chile. Using the same IMAGINE branding, we offer the typical taste from the main wine regions around the world.

The IMAGINE labels are representative for each country, with an eye to the past. As always, the IMAGINE line has an attractive price / quality ratio. “Wine is an experience, not just a drink”, says Marc Brunting, Managing Director of WineBridge.


End of April 2015, WineBridge launched the passionate brand Bailaora. The Spanish Flamenco dancer in gold is an eye catcher on the shelves. The wine is available in red and white. The Tempranillo Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc are both tasteful Spanish wines. Ask us for more details!


At one of the most important expos in Asia, Winebridge and Horeau-Beylot presented both new wines and the finest classical wines from Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion.

The 8th edition of the Hong Kong Wines & Spirits expo was held from the 5th till the 7th of November 2015. The WineBridge ice-bar was a true eye-catcher, with its chilled sparkling wines, ready to be tasted. We had a focus on more innovative and special packagings such as full color painted and metallic finish bottles.

Moreover, the sleeve wrapped designs were inspiring to many visitors. Apart form the wine portfolio, our range of international beers attracted importers with an interest in launching their private label products in a range a different packagings from bottles, to cans and kegs. We look back to an inspiring expo and were glad to meet our existing and also new customers.

Sparkling Wine Promotion Successful at Hong Kong Wine & Food Carnaval

From April 9th to 13th, the Wine and Food Carnival 2015 took place in Hong Kong. During this festival our premium sparkling range was named as the key product of this event.

Among approximately 200 booths and with an estimate of 300.000 visitors the sparkling wines were given a special place at the event. No wonder since the shiny italian wines in gold and pink bottles really stand out.


It appears that haughty Euro-centric wine connoisseurs were right all along: Lower-alcohol wines are more interesting than the big, fat ethanol bombs coming out of California, Australia and Chile. No more arguments, please. Science has spoken.

At least that’s what we’re left to conclude from a fascinating study conducted at the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language in San Sebastian, Spain. Researchers used magnetic-resonance machines to peer inside the brains of drinkers as they (the study participants, not the researchers) sipped various wines, some with moderate alcohol and some with considerably more. Contrary to prevailing wine-industry wisdom that most consumers prefer brawn to finesse, the scanner revealed startling images. There was greater activity in the taste-processing regions while the subjects drank the lighter wines. The implication: Lower alcohol encourages stronger attention to aroma and flavour nuances.


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    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Phone: +31 20 2232 177
  • Hong KongWineBridge Limited
    3806 Central Plaza
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    Phone: +85 281 977 225
  • ChinaFuzhou WineBridge International Trading Co., Ltd.
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